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Laurel Wilt first infestation confirmed in North Florida in 2006.  It is now quickly spreading across Florida, the Gulf States.  Only pretreatment with fungicide will protect avocado or laurel trees.

  • Aggressive cycle will kill tree 4-6 weeks once infected.
  • 6000+ trees removed through October 2014 out of the 740,000 Avocado trees in Florida.

Early Detection and Treatment are Keys to Containment

  • Weekly fly over (GPS guided drones) flights available for earliest detection
  • Thermal / multi spectral imaging cameras to detect infested tree before browning visible to human eye
  • Deployment of certified scent dogs to detect presence of fungus
  • Redundant confirmation by second dog

Innovative Detection Concepts

  • Annual subscription with Monthly payments available
  • Guaranteed priority deployment if on a subscription service
  • Discount for infusing trees if on a subscription service
  • Guaranteed pricing if on a subscription service

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