Innovative Detection Concepts (iDC), a for-profit company, was formed in 2014 as a Florida International University (FIU) start-up company based on the science of two FIU professors and a contract with the Florida Department Of Agriculture and Community Affairs. Based on the convergence of mission of Redland Ahead and iDC, Redland Ahead has been given management control of IDC.. iDC will continue to operate as a for Profit company contributing its profits to benefit of the nonprofit Redland Ahead.

The Founders: Innovative Detection Concepts, Inc. as a veteran majority owned company was formed with the following initial shareholders based on the complementary Scientific, Farming and Business acumen each added to strengthen the company:

Bill Hanesworth

Bill Hanesworth

Bill Hanesworth, iDC Founding Board Chairman , Vice Chairman of Redland Ahead and Business Coach was asked by the founders to join based on his 32 years of experience in building companies–from the smallest family owned businesses to the multinational manufacturing and distribution teams.  His ability to immediately grasp the challenges of the startup of IDC has been instrumental to the planning and implementation of the iDC offerings.  He is relentless in the driving the basics of customer service in each step of the development while keeping the entire team focused on the bottom line. Bill recently retired from Rheem Manufacturing as the VP and General manager in Ft Smith, Arkansas.  He now serves on several business boards, including as COO at Littlefield Oil Company, and consults regularly on business operations.  He can be reached on his cell 479-420-1174 or via email at bill.hanesworth@innovativedetectionconcepts.com.

Dr. DeEtta Mills, Founding Research VP, is a highly respected researcher in the areas of molecular ecology and microbiology with special emphasis on microbial ecology and serves as Director of the Forensic DNA Profiling Facility at FIU. Dr. Mills is responsible for overseeing the science behind each of the iDC processes. DeEtta can be reached at email deetta.mills@innovativedetectionconcepts.com.

Pete Nunez, Founding Canine Trainer, is also a US Army veteran and has 30 years experience in training detector dogs for the drugs, explosives, weapons and money for domestic and foreign governments.  Training canines for deployment in the outdoor environment of the groves has proved be a challenging but fruitful endeavor.  Pete has a superior reputation for training detector dogs for DEA, State Department, police, customs and certifying them to the highest standards of the Scientific Working Group standards and criteria for certification for accuracy.  Once the GPS location is identified of suspect infection locations the detector dogs are used to identify the presence or spread of the fungus by alerting on those trees that have the scent of the Laurel Wilt fungus on infected wood.  Pete can be reached at email pete.nunez@innovativedetectionconcepts.com.

Lourdes Edlin, Senior Trainer and VP Canine Trainer, Lourdes Edlin joined Innovative Detection Concept’s (iDC) team in 2014. She has 40 years animal training experience that includes dogs, cats, dolphins, primates, birds, pigs, etc. Edlin has been representing Nestle’ Purina Incredible Dog Challenge as a spokesperson/lead trainer for over 20 years. TV appearances include; Late Night with David Letterman, Jay Leno, Cruisers Training Tips, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends and Today. In addition to her work in the entertainment field she procured, trained, validated and installed detector dog teams for USDA’s Beagle Brigade as the Regional Canine Trainer/Coordinator. Her employment with iDC has offered Edlin the opportunity to utilize her scent training expertise to complete field training on 3 canines in laurel wilt detection and launching a pilot project using Detector Dogs to locate invasive lizards. 

John Mills, Founding CEO and President, offers his leadership development and team building expertise to the company.  As a 30 year US Army veteran, drafted in 1965, serving 3 combat tours and retiring as a Colonel with exemplary and meritorious service, his civilian accomplishments are numerous and have ranged from: the implementation and transfer of the Panama Canal back to Panama (as Secretary of the Panama Canal Commission) to 10 years of integrating small family-owned companies into a moderate sized publicly held company (Watsco, Inc).  As an iDC founder, he and his wife now farm 125 acres of avocados and tropical fruits in South Florida, giving him insight and instant credibility with the farming community and business community. John can be reached at cell 305-987-5049 or email john.mills@innovativedetectionconcepts.com.